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Desperate times, desperate measures

From the Houston Chronicle this morning:

Early voters in the heart of the heated race to succeed former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay were greeted Wednesday with red and white signs that read: "Want more illegals? Vote Democrat" and "Encourage Terrorists. Vote Democrat."
Precinct 3 Fort Bend County Commissioner Andy Meyers acknowledged paying $2,800 to the Republican Victory Committee PAC for 75 signs that tied Democrats to terrorists, higher taxes and illegal immigration.
"All I am doing is repeating what the leadership of the Democratic Party's position is. So I am not sure why they would be upset about that," Meyers said.


Today's Daily Parker

It's cold this morning (-6°C, 21°F), but not cold enough to keep Parker from running himself ragged at the dog park. I love this, because today is an Office Puppy day. As is our custom, we left from the park, stopped at my office to pick up my coffee mug, and then made our ritual pilgimage to Peet's. There Parker and I met Georgiana Penelope ("my husband called me Georgiana but my family called me Penny"), a local resident, who said Parker had beautiful markings and was the sweetest puppy she'd met. Parker ate it up and fell in love with her. Actually, Parker ate up the banana muffin she gave him, which contributed to his good behavior.

When I came out, Georgiana had Parker's complete attention:

Today's Daily Parker

It's amazing what dogs will eat. Parker (whose food ration just got increased today) consumes just about anything vaguely food-like, including sticks (high in fiber), rugs (made of fiber), and, apparently, yogurt:

Yesterday he also got an onion off the counter and started peeling it before I could get to him.

He won't eat figs, however. He barks at them. We don't know why.